Materials on ethnography of Russia. T. 2

Materials on ethnography of Russia: from the portrait. D. A. Clementza / ed. Ethnogr. ord. Rus. Museum of the Emperor Alexander III ed. FK Volkova  .- Pg. : [R. R. Golike and A. Vilborg], 1914
T. 2 .- St. Petersburg. : [R. Golike and A. Vilborg], 1914 .- [1], [VII], 196, [4], [1], [1] p., [1] p. portraiture. : ill. .- Contenu des memoires et des explications des figures (pp. 1-4 3rd p.) Contents: In memory of DA Klementets / NM Mogilyansky; The hut of the Seven Sovereigns / LV Kostikov; Bortnichestvo in Byelorussia / AK Serzhputovsky; Items from the Ostyak burial ground near Obdorsk / SI Rudenko; Circassian buildings / AA Miller; Materials on the Buddhist iconography of Hara-hoto / SF Oldenburg; Paper circulation in China before the XV century. / AI Ivanov; Symbolic ornament in China (description of jade from the collection of AV Vereshchagin) / AI Ivanov; Human bones from the suburgan in Hara-hoto / FK Volkov; Bibliogr. in the text ; A list of works by DA Klemenets (pp. VII); Index of ethnographic objects, personal and geographical names (pp. 183-196) .
ББК 902.7
Source: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher [Т-во Р. Голике и А. Вильборг]
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