Small land unit. Issue. 2

A small land unit: in 1902-1903. : сборник статей / / Edition of the book. PD Dolgorukov and Prince. D. I. Shakhovsky with the assistance of the editorial office of the newspaper "Pravo" . - St. Petersburg: Type. St. Petersburg. acc. seals of the seal and writing. affairs "Word"
Issue. 2. - 1903. - 272 p. .
1. The people (the collection). 2. Vsesoslovnaya volost - Russia - the beginning. 20 in ..
ББК 63.3 (2) 531-28я43
E-copy source: PB
Location on the original: ГПИБ
Publisher Тип. СПб. акц. о-ва печати и писчебум. дела "Слово"
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