The commission's mandate, the drafting of a new draft

      Russia. The Empress  (1762-1796, Catherine II).
Order of the Commission, on the drafting of a new code. - [Sankt-Petersburg]: [Pec. under the Senate], [1768]. - 265, 29, 7 with. ; 8. - 14.X.1768 in No. 83 of the St. Petersburg Bulletin there appeared the following announcement about the sale of this publication: "The Government of the Senate in the printing house sells the commission of the Commission on the drafting of a new draft with published manifestos and subsequent additions to it, at the price of each copy of 50 kopecks . ". - Described by zagl. on p.93. At the end of the text: Catherine. Moscow. 1767 July 30 days. - Without tit. l. - SK XVIII. - "Decree to our Senate" and "Manifesto" of 14 December. 1766 on the establishment of the "Commission on the drafting of a new code" and other documents published in the edition of 1767 (C.1-92); "Supplement to the Great Punishment" - chapters XXI and XXII and "General Prosecutor's order under the Commission ... on which and the marshal to act." (C.233-265); "The Inscription on bringing to the end of the Commission a new draft of the code" and "Supplement to the management rite of the Commission ..." (C.1-29 2nd pg. And 1-7 3rd pg.) .
1. Russia. Commission for the drafting of a new code - Documents and materials. 2. Catherine II (Empress of Russia, 1729 - 1796). "The order." 3. Power (collection).
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