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Chicherin, Boris Nikolayevich (1828-1904).    
About national representation / [соч.] B. Chicherin. - Moscow: Type. Gracheva and Co., 1866. - XII, 553 p. ; 25 cm. -
Stamp of the library of the All-Russian Research Center for Oriental Studies. - The stamp of the fundamental library of the Council of Moscow's general regional cooperative congresses.
I. All-Russian Research Center for Oriental Studies (Moscow). II. Council of All-Russian Cooperative Congresses. The Fundamental Library (Moscow). III. The Russian Academy of Sciences. Institute of Oriental Studies.
ББК 66.043
ББК 66.1 (2) 522-18
An electronic copy source: RSL
Location of original copy: РГБ
Издательство Тип. Грачева и К°
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