On the origin of the Chuvash

Petrov, Mikhail Petrovich    
On the origin of the Chuvash: A report read on Feb. 26. 1925 at the meeting of the II Session of the Regional Executive Committee of the 5th convocation and on March 15, at the meeting of the Society for the Study of the Local Territory of Chuvash. autonomous. region. - Cheboksary: ​​Chuvash. state. publishing house, 1925. - 62 p. : tab. -
Bibliograf. in the text and a substring. note
I. Rodin, Theodore Nikolaevich. Territory of Russia: Chuvash Republic (collection). 2. The Chuvash Republic: pages of history (collection).
Source of the electronic copy: PB
Publisher Чуваш. гос. изд-во
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