The first general census of the population of the Russian Empire in 1897. 17. Kovensk Province


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First General Census of the Russian Empire in 1897 / ed. [and with pre.] N.A. Troynitsky . - [St. Petersburg]: publication of the Central Statistical Committee of the Ministry of the Interior, 1899-1905 . - 27 cm
17: Kovensk Province. - 1904 (region 1903). - [4], XII, 228 with. - On the tit. l. and obl. the number of the province is erroneous: XLII, in Table. after the review: XVII In the book. Also: A brief overview of the digital data for the Kovno province / Le Dantu .
1. Population - Censuses - Kovno Gubernia - 1897
ББК 60.721.11
ББК 63.3 (28-8Ков) 531-1 ю13
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Издательство издание Центрального статистического комитета Министерства внутренних дел
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