A complete collection of Russian chronicles, issued by the highest order of the Archaeographic Commission. T. 9. VIII. A chronic...

The Complete Collection of Russian Chronicles, Issued by the Highest Command of the Archaeographic Commission [Text]  .- St. Petersburg: publication of the Archaeographic Commission. , 1841-  .- 32 cm
T. 9: VIII. Chronicle collection, called the Patriarch's or Nikon's annals .- 1862 .- XXIII, 256 pp., [2] f. color. Fax. .
1. Russian Chronicles
ББК Т3 (2) 42,012
ББК 63.3 (2) 4ю12
ББК Ш5 (2 = Р) 3-611.0
Source: RSL
Publisher в типографии Эдуарда Праца
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