Complete Works of Alexei Stepanovich Khomyakov. T. 5. Notes on World History


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  Khomyakov, Alexey Stepanovich  (1804-1860).    
Complete Works of Alexei Stepanovich Khomyakov . - Moscow: Tipo-lit. t-va I.N. Kusneryrev and Co., 1900-1914 . - 23 cm
T. 5: Notes on World History: In app. comparison of Russian words with Sanskrit. Part 1. - Izd-e 4th. - 1904. - XXIV, 533, 21 pp., 1 l. portraiture. - Private. zagl. volume at the Dep. tit. l. From the books of N. A. Rubakin. - In the 2nd copy. Society. tit. l. and obl. t. 6 th. - Foreword: A. Hilferding .
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Издательство Типо-лит. Т-ва И.Н. Кушнерев и К°
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