The Polish question

  Kareev, Nikolay Ivanovich  (1850-1931).    
The Polish question: AS Khomyakov's letter to AO Smirnova: A few words about this letter: Something about the Russo-Polish question in our journalism. - Moscow: Typo-lit. I. N. Kushnereva and Co., 1881. - 36 p. ; 26 cm. - At the end of the text: V.R. TO.; aut. established according to the ed .: Masanov IF Dictionary of pseudonyms ... М., 1956. Т. 1. С. .
BBC 63.3 (2) 522
BBK 63.3 (4Pol) 52-95
BBK 66.1 (2) 521-171
Copy source: RSL
Location on map of originals: RSL
Publisher Типо-лит. И. Н. Кушнерева и К°
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