Decree on the Lyceum


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Decision on the Lyceum. - St. Petersburg: In the Medical Printing House, 1810. - 55, [7] pp., VI. Table. ; 8 ° (20 cm). - Consolidated catalog of the Russian book 1801-1825. - Content: To the Minister of Education [Order of A.K. Razumovsky start education Lyceum] / Alexander I. Decree on the Lyceum. [Approved on Aug. 19. 1810]; Schedule of subjects of the initial course in the Lyceum; Schedule of the final course in the Lyceum; State of the Imperial Lyceum / A.K. Razumovsky. .
1. The Imperial Alexandrovsky Lyceum (St. Petersburg, city) - Documents and materials. 2. The people (the collection).
BBK 74.03 (2) 5-421
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Издательство в Медицинской типографии
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