Draft Russian Constitution

Draft of the Russian Constitution: (Compiled in Russia): with S. Stepnyak's article. - 2 nd ed. - London: publ. [and print] by "The fund of Russian free press", 1895. - 14 p. ; 20 cm. - ([Publication of the Free Russian Press Foundation]). - Ver. also in English. yaz. In the book. Also: Organic and random elements in the political programs of the Russian democrats / S. Stepnyak; The proclamation of the party "People's Law" (which appeared in 1894) .
ББК 67.400.11,01-1 (2)
ББК 63.3 (2) 531-54ю11
Copy source: RSL
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Publisher publ. [and print] by "The fund of Russian free press"
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