The Prut march of 1711

  Novitsky, Evgeny Fedorovich  (1867-1931).    
Prutsky campaign of 1711: [(Results of archival searches)]: [Report on the message. hordes. prof. Nikolaev. acad. Gene. staff regiment. A.Z. Myshlaevsky] / [Evgeny Novitsky]. - [Saint Petersburg: Ekon. Tipo-lit., 1899]. - 8 sec. ; 17 cm. - Author. is indicated at the end of the text: Evgeny Novitsky Without tit. l. and obl. .
BBC 63.3 (2) 511-68
Copy source: RSL
Location on map of originals: RSL
Publisher Экон. типо-лит.
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