The genealogical book of princes and noblemen of Russian and departed,

Pedigree book of princes and noblemen of Russia and travelers: Containing: 1.) The genealogical book collected and compiled in the Rose under Tsar Feodor Alexeyevich and at times supplemented, and which is known as the Velvet Book; 2.) Painting alphabetically to those surnames, from which the pedigree paintings in Rosryad filed, with the testimony, from where those births occurred, or left, or about which there is no news; Also, what sorts of births from those genera occurred, by what occasions did they take their names, and finally under which those pedigrees are in the Retail Archive; 3.) Painting in which outreach is shown all together at the places of their departure, and 4.) Painting alphabetic, serving instead of the table of contents, which shows all the surnames contained in both parts of the book, the number of which extends to 930; Published according to the self-right lists. - Moscow: At the University Printing House, N. Novikova with permission, 1787. - 453 p. ; 8 ° (21 cm). - Ed. N.I. Novikov according to the list GF told him. Miller. - Foreword. ed. "The reader" exists in two versions. In the original on p.1, in lines 13-14 of the text: "... the fourth degree of the cavalier, Fedor Ivanovich Miller ..." In the second version the page was replaced, the text was corrected: "... by the third degree of the gentleman .. . ". - SK XVIII. - Painting of books sold in the University bookshop in Moscow (Part 2, P.427-453) .
1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Noble births - Russia. 4. Russia - History.
ББК 63.3 (2) -282.5я222
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Publisher В Университетской типографии у Н. Новикова с указнаго дозволения
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