The role of artillery research and test facilities of the army and navy in the defense of Leningrad

  Lukin, Valery Evgenevich      
The Role of Artillery Research and Test Facilities of the Army and Fleet in the Defense of Leningrad: (1941-1944): thesis abstract for the degree of Candidate of Historical Sciences: specialty 07.00.02 / Lukin Valery Evgenievich; [S.-Petersburg. state. un-t]. - St. Petersburg, 2009. - 27 p. ; 21. - Bibliography: p. 26-27 and in the footnote. note. - 100 copies. .
1. Power (collection). 2. Memory of the Great Victory (collection). 3. The people (the collection). 4. Artillery - Participation in the defense of Leningrad - 1941 - 1944 - Abstracts of dissertations.
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Source of the electronic copy: St. Petersburg State University. Site
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