Russia. T. 16. Western Siberia

Russia: a complete geographical description of our Fatherland desktop and road book for Russian people / ed. [and with a predic.] VP Semenov-Tyan-Shansky under the general. the leadership of PP Semenov-Tyan-Shansky and Acad. V.I. Lamansky  .- St. Petersburg. : Izd. AF Devriena, 1907
T. 16: Western Siberia: with 104 polytypes, 34 diagr., Cartograf. and schematic profiles, 1 large reference and 9 small maps / comp.: IP Tolmachev, GM Krasnykh, AN Sedelnikov, FN Belyavsky, SD Chadov, VP Semenov -Tyan-Shansky .- St. Petersburg. : Izd. AF Devriena, 1907 (Type: JSC "Slovo") .- 591 p. : ill., maps., diag. .- Named alphabetical index (pp. 576-579) Contained: Forms of the surface and structure of the earth's crust within Western Siberia / Tolmachev IP; Climate / Red GM; Plant and animal life / AN Sedelnikov; Historical destinies of Western Siberia and its cultural successes / Belyavsky FN, Chadov SD; Distribution of the population of Western Siberia through the territory, its ethnographic composition, way of life and culture / Belyavsky FN; Hypotheses and occupations of the population / Belyavsky FN; Ways of communication / Belyavsky FN; Northern part of Western Siberia / Belyavsky FN; Western Siberia within the Great Siberian Iron Way / Belyavsky FN; Russian Altai / Belyavsky FN, Semenov-Tyan-Shansky VP ; Subject Index (pp. 579-588); Index of the main sources and benefits for Western Siberia (pp. 543-551); Alphabetical geographical index (pp. 551-576) .
ББК 91
ББК 26.89
Source: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher Изд. А. Ф. Девриена
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