About the jury trial and the police courts in Russia

  Turgenev, Nikolay Ivanovich  (1789-1871).    
On the trial of juries and on the courts of police in Russia / [N. Turgenev]. - Paris: A. Franck, A. Ascher et C °, 1860 (Leipzig: Type H. Ber). - XXIV, 128 pp. ; 22 cm. - (Russian overseas collection, Part 4, tet.1). - Author. is listed at the end of the preface. - Ver. also on fr. yaz. .
BBK 67.410.213.5-1
BBK 67.3 (2)
Copy source: RSL
Location on map of originals: RSL
Publisher А. Franck, A. Ascher et C°
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