Siberia: Nature. People. A life

Golovachev, P.    
Siberia: Nature. People. Life / ed. Yu. I. Bazanova. - M.: Tipo-lit. T. IN Kushnerev and Co., 1902. -300 pp., 1 liter. kart. : ill., Table. -
On the back of the tit. L.: The drawings are allowed by the censorship: Moscow, March 20, 1902
On tit. L.: The whole collection comes in favor of the Society for Assistance to Needy Siberians and Siberians, students in educational institutions of Moscow.
Decree. lit. (pp. 289-298).
I. Bazanova, I.I. Russia - History - Population - Natural resources - Nature management - Siberia.
ББК 91
Source of the electronic copy: The Tyumen BSS
Publisher Типо-лит. т-ва И. Н. Кушнерев и К°
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