Events in Petrograd in the summer of 1917

Events in Petrograd in the summer of 1917: [fragments of newsreels / President. b-ka im. Boris N. Yeltsin; red.-sost. TI Dyakonova]. - Electron. Dan. (1 video file: 42.9 MB). - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library. Boris N. Yeltsin, 2011. -
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Duration: 6 min. 56 s. Fragments of the film "Filming about the events in Petrograd in the summer of 1917."
Date and place: Petrograd, summer of 1917.
The film is a set of scenes depicting the events in Petrograd in the summer of 1917 of the year. In the picture: Minister of Railways NV Nekrasov, Stakhovich, Efremov, Yakubovich, Manuilov. The title: "A congress of Soviets was convened, to the Presidium of which they elected: Chkheidze Gotz and others." In the frame: Delegates of the congress are sitting around the table. Caption: "Leaders at the congress were: Dan." In the frame: Dan, Gvozdev, Plekhanov, Kerensky. Captions: "The interim government, hearing the voice of the congress, introduced another method of combating the proletariat, the ministers Tsereteli and Skobelev made"; "Comrade Tseretelli"; "Kerensky, who managed to gain popularity among the masses, was handed over the post of prime minister and soon the supreme commander-in-chief." In the frame: Kerensky. The title: "Kerensky appointed General Brusilov as Commander-in-Chief." In the frame: General Brusilov. Caption: "Admiral Kolchak was appointed commander-in-chief of the naval forces." In the frame: Admiral Kolchak on the deck of the ship. The caption: "June 18, so memorable for Russia, brought victory initially." At the front, our units, which had been delivered to Kerensky, were advancing, Kerensky was triumphant. " In the frame: Kerensky. The title: "In Petrograd, on the occasion of victory, a grandiose demonstration took place." In the frame: Petrograd. On the street is a manifestation with banners; people in the streets of Petrograd, near the Kazan Cathedral. The caption: "the shock regiments of the Junkers still went to the front." In the frame: On the street of Petrograd there is a regiment of cadets; the female detachment. Captions: "In the capital, military organizations organized rallies, manifestations, threw out slogans for the war"; "But the events of July 3-7 occurred in the bottom of the people, exhausted by the war, took to the streets and tried to wrest power from the Kerensky government." In the frame: On the Field of Mars demonstration. Streets of Petrograd with a troubled people. The slogans: "We demand the immediate publication of secret treaties with the allies!", "All power to the Soviet, Down with the ministers, capitalists, Down with the State Duma!", "Down with the counter-revolution!" .
I. Dyakonova, Tatiana Ivanovna. II. Presidential Library. B. N. Yeltsin (St. Petersburg). 1. Kerensky, Alexander Fedorovich (1881 - 1970) - Newsreel. 2. Brusilov, Alexei Alekseevich (1853 - 1926) - Newsreel. 3. Kolchak, Alexander Vasilyevich (1874 - 1920) - Newsreel. 4. Nekrasov, Nikolai Vissarionovich (1879 - 1940) - Newsreel. 5. Manuilov, Alexander Appolonovich (1861 - 1929) - Newsreel. 6. Tsereteli, Irakly Georgievich (1881 - 1959) - Newsreel. 7. Stakhovich, Mikhail Alexandrovich (1861 - 1923) - Newsreel. 8. Dan, Fyodor Ilyich (1871 - 1947) - Newsreel. 9. Chkheidze, Nikolai Semenovich (1864 - 1926) - Newsreel. 10. Skobelev, Matvey Ivanovich (1885 - 1938) - Newsreel. 11. Gotz, Abram Rafailovich (1882 - 1940) - Newsreel. 12. Gvozdev, Kuzma Antonovich (1882 - 1956) - Newsreel. 13. Plekhanov, Georgy Valentinovich (1856 - 1918) - Newsreel. 14. Yakubovich, Grigory Andrianovich (1880 - 1926) - Newsreel. 15. Efremov, Ivan Nikolayevich (1866 - 1945) - Newsreel. 16. Russia (1917, February-October). Provisional Government - Newsreel. 17. All-Russian Congress of Soviets (1 Petrograd, 1917) - Newsreel. 18. Power (collection). 19. Russia - History - 1917 - Newsreel. 20. Petrograd, the city - History - 1917 - Newsreel. 21. Historical documentaries.
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