Sutnitsy, charters and records. Issue. 5


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Hundreds, Charters and Records / [publisher and author. entry. article] Sergey Shumakov  .- Moscow: publication of the Imperial Island of history and antiquities of the Russian at the Moscow University, 1902-1913  .- 27 cm
Issue. 5 .- 1910 .- VII, 116 with. .- Edict. From the Lithuanian metric (1567-1595 gg.); From the letters of the College of Economy (1517-1694 gg.); From the historical and legal acts of ID Belyaev (1516-1562 gg.); From the columns of the Rose on Sevsk (1642-1654 gg.); From the columns of the Local Order on Aleksin (1600-1698 gg.) .
ББК Т3 (2) 4,011
ББК 63.3 (2) 4ю11
Source: RSL
Издательство издание Императорскаго о-ва истории и древностей российских при Московском ун-те
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