Topographical description of the Kaluga governorship

Soymonov, Peter Alexandrovich (1737-1800).    
Topographical description of the Kaluga province. - Санктпетербург: Under the Imperial Academy of Sciences, 1785. - [2], 69 pp., 13 л. to.; 4. -
Circulation of 1212 copies. 550 of them were sent to the Kaluga Province, 500 copies were given to the Order of Public Charity and 10 copies were given to P. A. Soymonov.
Maps were engraved by E. Khudyakov, L. Sergeev, K. Frolov.
Printed to the account of the Cabinet e and. in.
Author. - P.A. Soymonov.
The cards are also released separately from grav. tit. L .: Atlas of the Kaluga Province.
I. Frolov, Constantine. II. Sergeev, Leonty (1753-1799). III. Khudyakov, Efim Maksimovich (1748-1822) .1. Territory (collection). 2. Kaluga region: pages of history (collection). 3. Territory of Russia: Kaluga region (collection). 4. Kaluga province - Topographic studies - 18th century.
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