Philosophical Letters

  Chaadaev, Petr Yakovlevich  (1794-1856).    
Philosophical Letters: With app. his letters to Schelling, art. about him I. Gagarin (S.I.) and the excerpt from "The Past and the Doom" [ch. 4, Ch. 30] AI Herzen / Transl. with fr. 2, 3 and 4 letters BP Denike, ed. and with the pref. Vl. N. Ivanovsky P. Chaadaev. - Kazan: type. DM Gran, 1906. - 99 p. Sec. pag. ; 23. - (Philosophical Library, published under the general editorship of the privat-docent of Kazan University, V. N. Ivanovsky, No. 8). - Bibliographic information on P. Ya. Chaadayev (pp. 73-75) .
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Publisher тип. Д. М. Гран
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