What and how did they learn in ancient Russia?


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  Preobrazhensky, Vasily Khrisanfovich  (1854-1915).     rus
What and how did they learn in ancient Russia ?: It is read in obshch. collect. Brotherhood in the name of the Blessed Virgin Mary 2 february. In 1887, chap. Brotherhood, law teacher 1 Cadet. corp., Holy. Basil Chrysanthus. Preobrazhensky / [S. VP] .- St. Petersburg: Typo-lit. PI Shmidt, 1887 .- 19 p. ; 21 cm. - Auth. indicated at the end of the text: S. V.P. .
BBK 63.3 (2) 41-2
BBK 74.03 (2)
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Издательство Типо-лит. П. И. Шмидта
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