Chernobyl - a tragedy and a feat

  Naida, Vasily Grigorievich      
Chernobyl - a tragedy and a feat / VG Naida, VG Vladimirov; [int. Slid: V. I. Matvienko, M. M. Safonov]. - St. Petersburg: [б. and.], 2009. - 498, [1] p. : ill., Port. ; 21. - In vol. Dan. Authors: Naida VG Candidate of medical science, Assoc., Zasl. doctor of the Russian Federation and Karel. rep., regiment. honey. service in retirement, Vladimirov VG prof., MD, Zasl. dejat. Science of the Russian Federation, laureate of state. Prize of the USSR, gene-leit. honey. service in retirement. - Bibliography: p. 495. - 1000 copies. .
1. Chernobyl nuclear power plant (Pripyat, city, Ukraine) - Accident. 2. "Mayak", production association (Chelyabinsk-40) - Accident - 1957. 3. Territory of Russia (collection). 4. The people (the collection).
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Source of electronic copy: The Chernobyl-Kvant (St.-Petersburg) Union. Place of origin of the original: ПБ
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