Inscription statistics of the Russian state ,. Part 1. About the state of the people

Arseniev, Konstantin Ivanovich (1789-1865).    
Inscription of the statistics of the Russian state, / Compiled by the Chief Pedagogical Institute Adjunct Professor Konstantin Arseniev. - Sankt-Petersburg: In the printing house of the Imperial Vospitatelnago House, 1818 - 1819. - On with. XVIII - XXIII Part 1: Proceedings of Scientists or Literature of Russian Statistics. ; 8 ° (22 cm). -
Preface. aut. (pp. [7 - 8]) is dated September 15. 1818
Subscription (10 rubles per 2 hours), and then the book was sold to the Sleniny. Despite the approval of the book for printing by the censor and the educational authorities, several years after its publication, a number of his author's thoughts served as an excuse for accusing him in a harmful direction and removing him from teaching at the university.
Cens: I.O. Timkovsky, June 30, Ya.V. Tolmachev, Dec. 10 1818
Dedication of the author. S.S. Uvarov on with. [3 - 5].
Consolidated catalog of the Russian book of 1801-1825
I. Tolmachev, Yakov Vasilyevich (1780-1873). II. Timkovsky, Ivan Osipovich (1768-1837). III. Sleniny. Uvarov, Sergey Semenovich (1786-1855).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Part 1: The state of the people. - 1818. - [8], XXIII, [1], 245, [5] p. -
Ч. 1-2 are woven.
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher В типографии Императорскаго Воспитательнаго дома
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