Exotic vocabulary of Russian origin in A. Olearii's work on Muscovy


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Nikandrova, Tatyana Evgenievna (candidate of philological sciences).    
Exotic vocabulary of Russian origin in A. Olearii's book on Muscovy: the author's abstract of a thesis for a Candidate's Degree in Philology: specialty 10.02.20 / Nikandrova Tatyana Evgenevna; [Moscow time. state. reg. humanitarian. in-t]. - Moscow, 2015. - 24 p. -
Location of protection: Institute of Linguistics RAS. - List of works avt .: p. 23-24 (7 names). - As a manuscript.
1. Olearius, Adam (1603-1671). "Description of the journey of the Holstein Embassy in Muscovy and Persia" - Abstracts of dissertations. 2. Russian language (collection). 3. Russia and the countries of the world (collection). 4. Comparative-historical, typological and comparative linguistics. 5. Russian language - Borrowings - German language - Abstracts of dissertations. 6. German language - Historical lexicology - Abstracts of dissertations.
BBC 83.3 (4 = 432.4) 511.2-8.4 Olearium, A.Ya031
BBK 81.432.4-03y031
ББК 81.432.4-32я031
Source of the electronic copy: Institute of Linguistics RAS. Website
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