Foreign elements in Russian

Ogienko, Ivan Ivanovich (1882-1972).    
Foreign elements in the Russian language: the history of the penetration of loan words into Russian / II Ogiienko. - Kiev: type. VP Bondarenko and PF Gnezdovsky, 1915. - 136 p. -
Bibliography: "Literature on borrowed words in Russian" (pp. 107-116) and in footnotes. - Etymological dictionaries of the Slavic languages: p. 18-119. - Index of words mentioned in the book: p. 120-134. - A copy of GPIB with a stamp: Chertkov library.
1. The people (the collection). 2. Russian language (collection). 3. Russian language - Borrowings - History.
BBK 81.411.2-22
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Location on the original: ГПИБ
Publisher тип. В. П. Бондаренко и П. Ф. Гнездовского
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