The middle period of the history of philosophy

Troitsky, Matvey Mikhailovich (1835-1899).    
The middle period of the history of philosophy: lectures on. M. M. Troitskago, read in 1880-81 academic year; The history of the new philosophy: lectures on. M.M. Troitskago, read in 1881/82 academic year / part: Matvey Lubavsky and Vasily Rozanov; History of philosophy: lectures hordes. prof. M. M. Troitskago: the course of 1882/83 years. - [Moscow: b. and., 1880-1883]. - 128, 112, 142 sec. ; 33 cm. -
I. Rozanov, Vasily Vasilyevich (1856-1919). II. Lubavsky, Matvey Kuzmich (1860-1936) .1. Philosophy - History of Philosophy - World History of Philosophy - Lectures for Higher School.
ББК Ю3 (0) я73-2
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