The study of the beginning of the Slavic peoples

Surovetsky, Lavrenti (1769-1827).    
Study of the beginning of the Slavic peoples: Reasoning, cheat. in the celebrations. meeting Varsh. Islands of Lovers of Science, 24 January. 1824 g. his, Lavrenty Surovetsky / Trans. with the floor. Justin Belyavsky; [Foreword: O. Bodiansky]. - Moscow: History and Antiquities is growing., 1846. - [2], II, 82 p. ; 26. -
Bibliograf. in the note .. - Ott. from "Readings in the O-ve of History and Antiquities were growing under the Moscow University". 1846, No. 1.
I. Belyavsky, Justin. II. Bodiansky, Osip Maksimovich (1808-1877).
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U 354/245; T 68/55; E 95/134; U 326/85
Publisher О-во истории и древностей рос.
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