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Original parts of the handwritten book from the Library of the Academy of Sciences, St. Petersburg: Pskov Court Charter. Second half of the XVI century. 14 liters. 2 ° (29.5 x 18 cm). Paper. Ink, cinnabar. On the second with. owner's cover sticker: Prince Vorontsov's library. Odessa. Cipher: 34.2.31, l. 59-72 об.
Full description of the manuscript is given in the edition: Description of the hand-written department of the BAN. Vol. 3, no. 1. Moscow; Leningrad, 1959. S.: 328-332. A scientific study of the reading and writing is presented in the edition: Alekseev, Yu. G. Pskov Court Charter. Text, comment, research. Pskov, 1997.
The Pskov Ship's Charter (PSG) is a monument of the law of Ancient Rus, the last, probably, by time known legal act of the independent Pskov land. It is preserved in two lists: Vorontsovsky (Vorontsovsky collection, BAN, 34.2.31, L 56-72 vol.), And the Synodal, the middle of the 16th century. Vorontsovsky list dates from the first half of the 16th - early 17th century, made from a dilapidated or carelessly written original. The initials are inky, not cinnabar, which suggests that this was the original. First published (in part: the last 12 articles) by NM Karamzin on the Synodal List. The first complete edition, according to the Vorontsov list - NN Murzakevich, who found a list in the archives of Prince MS Vorontsov (Pskov Judicial Charter, compiled at the Veche in 1467 Odessa, 1847). The preamble of the PSG indicates the date of compilation - 1397, contrary to the information contained in the text on the 5 cathedrals in Pskov. It is assumed (Yu. G. Alekseev) the existence of three successive revisions of the PSG: 1397; 1409-1424, after 1462, a number of researchers consider the date of compilation in 1467, when a governor from Moscow was appointed to Pskov and the Pskovites had grounds for protecting their rights. Three sources of PSG are indicated in its text: the charter Vel. Book. Alexander (Alexander Yaroslavich Nevsky or Alexander Mikhailovich Tversky); the charter of Prince Pskovsky Konstantin Dmitrievich 1407; Pskov customary law ("Pskov duties"). The source of PSG is undoubtedly the Russian Pravda. The PSG itself acted as one of the sources of Judge Ivan III. - The text of the PSG is conditionally divided into 120 articles, which are distinguished on the basis of logical considerations, rather than the paleographic features of the list. They determine the judicial system and the procedure of legal proceedings, consider issues of civil, including mandatory and hereditary, law, criminal law. PSG is one of the forms of northwestern and northern law, adapted to the Pskov conditions: the features of social relations due to the borderline situation and the backwardness of the Pskov village in comparison with the city. Materials from the edition are used: Pskov ship's certificate (1397-1467): Genuine and in the lane. on sovr. language with a note. on the establishment of a translation text / comp. I.I. Vasilev and N.V. Kirpichnikov. Pskov: Pskov. archaeologist. Island, 1896; Pskov Court Charter: With 17 tables. SPb .: Imperial Archaeographic Commission, 1914; Alekseev Yu.G. Pskov Court Charter and its time: Development of feudal relations in Russia XIV-XV centuries. L .: Nauka, 1980. - Materials of the site "100 main documents of Russian history" were used. Section Pskov Judicial Charter .
1. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Pskov Court Charter. 4. Right - Sources - Ancient Russia.
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