1917 in the Kiev region


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1917 in the Kiev region: a chronicle of events / Department of the Kiev okrparkom on the history of the CP (b) U and the October Revolution in Ukraine Istpart; were: A. Irgizov, V. Manilov, F. Yastrebov; edited by V. Manilov. - [Kharkov]: State Publishing House of Ukraine, 1928. -XXVI, [2], 584 p. ; 28 cm. - (October Revolution and Civil War in Kyiv region in documents, articles and memoirs) .
I. Irgizov, A. .. II. Manilov, V .. III. Hawks, F .. IV. KP (b) of Ukraine. Kiev District Committee. Department for the Study of the History of the CP (B) U and the October Revolution in Ukraine. Power (collection). 2. The people (the collection). 3. Territory (collection). 4. 1917: February-October (collection). 5. The Great October Socialist Revolution - Ukraine - 1917. 6. Civil War and Military Intervention in Russia - Ukraine - 1918 - 1920. 7. Ukraine - History - 1917 - 1920.
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Издательство Государственное издательство Украины
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