Graffiti of the Church of the Savior on Nereditsa


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Graffiti of the Church of the Savior on Nereditsa: [video] / director and screenwriter: Tatiana Dyakonova; author: Tatyana Vsevolodovna Rozhdestvenskaya; operators: Valery Lerner, Vladimir Yarosh, Tatyana Dyakonova, Andrey Osin; installation: Tatyana Dyakonova, Larisa Arsenyeva; editors: Anna Vorobyeva; musical background: Vasiliy Zvariychuk; Presidential Library, Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve. - Electronic data (1 video file). -St. Petersburg: Presidential Library; Veliky Novgorod: Novgorod Museum-Reserve, 2017. -
Systems. Requirements: 1 GHz PC or higher; RAM 512 MB or higher; Windows OS; Windows Media Player; video adapter; stars map.
Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.
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On the title cuts: The Presidential Library, the Novgorod State United Museum-Reserve present the Graffiti of the Church of the Savior on the Nereditsa.
Duration: 32 min 35 s Color.
Multimedia electronic edition.
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In the 3rd film of the four-part cycle about graffiti in the temples of Veliky Novgorod, Tatyana Rozhdestvenskaya, doctor of philological sciences, professor at St. Petersburg University , talks about the meaning of graffiti inscriptions of the XII-XIII centuries, which have been preserved on sections of the walls in the Church of the Savior on Nereditsa .
I. Dyakonova, Tatiana Ivanovna. Ii. Rozhdestvenskaya, Tatyana Vsevolodovna (Doctor of Philology; 1945-). Iii. Osin, Andrey Alekseevich. Iv. Yarosh, Vladimir Mikhailovich. V. Lerner, Valery Leonidovich (1966-). Vi. Arsenieva, Larisa Anatolevna. VII. Vorobeva, Anna Nikolaevna. Viii. Zvariychuk, Vasily. Ix. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg). X. Novgorod United Historical, Architectural and Art Museum-Reserve. Church of the Savior on Nereditsa (Veliky Novgorod, city) - Graffiti - Multimedia publications. 2. The people (collection). 3. Territory of Russia: Novgorod region (collection). 4. Territory (collection). 5. Presidential Library: yesterday, today, tomorrow (collection). 6. Historical documentaries.
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