Connection to the electronic reading room’s resources

The regional network of the Presidential Library covers all 85 subjects of the Russian Federation. The Electronic Reading Room of the Presidential Library (ERR) is the main form of local access to the entire amount of the national electronic repository of the most important documents on the theory, history and practice of Russian statehood, the Russian language as the official language of the Russian Federation. Outside the Presidential Library’s building, unrestricted access to the collections is provided by remote electronic reading rooms (RERR). In order to organize based on your institution RERR to the Presidential Library’s resources it is necessary:

Step 1

Read and understand "Technical conditions for organizing collective access to information resources of the Presidential Library".

Implement the technical conditions for the organization of the RERR.

Step 2

Fill out and send at an “Organization Questionnaire” with a request to consider the possibility of connecting to the Presidential Library’s electronic resources.


Step 3

Agree and sign an Agreement, the draft of which will be sent after checking the questionnaire. Send the signed agreement and the cover letter signed by the head of the organization to the address of the Director General of the Presidential Library. The letter should contain:

∙ Information on the number of workplaces planned for connection (including operator’s places),

∙ Information about the readiness of the premises to connect RERR,

∙ Information on the compliance of equipment and communication channels with the technical conditions of the Presidential Library,

∙ Confirmation of the availability of software for cryptographic protection of information (Crypto-PRO CSP), or an obligation to purchase a license in the near future.

As a result of getting and considering this letter, the Presidential Library produces and sends to the applicant's address an electronic identifier (on a tangible medium).

Step 4

Get electronic identifiers, appoint a person responsible for working with them, confirm receipt of electronic identifiers at


Step 5

Get an installation package (instructions for downloading, installing and configuring RERR software). Download, install and configure the RERR software, which includes the RERR operator’s workplace and the RERR reader’s workplace. Check the functionality of the software by registering the first reader of the RERR, and then enter the ERR to operate with the national repository. Send confirmation of successful software installation at


Step 6

Send an application at and undergo training on work with RERR.