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Informational technologies and libraries: Digital documents in libraries

1 October 2009

On 7 October in the National library of Karelia republic there will begin a three-day International workshop ‘Digital documents in libraries, museums, archives: quality, technology, availability’. The workshop is organized in the frame of ‘Finno-Ugric libraries of Russia in Internet’ project.

The participants of the workshop plan to discuss the issues regarding the technology of digitization of libraries, museums and archives collections; the structure of digital collections, creation of electronic libraries, etc.

In the frame of the workshop there also will take place the conference of libraries participating in the ‘Finno-Ugric libraries of Russia in Internet’ project. It will touch upon the issues of cooperation between the libraries of Finno-Ugric territories of Russia in order to create and develop the resources.

In the events will participate the experts from Helsinki University Slavic library, Russia and East-Europe Institute library, the library of North-Caucasus State Technical University, Saint-Petersburg Polytechnic University, etc.

The workshop is held under the support of Institute of Russia and East-Europe (Finland) and the Public Chamber of Russian Federation.