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The Commission for drafting laws formed under the State Council

13 January 1810

1 (13) January, 1810 under the State Council was formed the Commission for drawing up laws in charge of formulating laws for all fields of legislation.

The Commission had to review and approve of plans of elaboration of codes and regulations, and resolve difficulties that arose during the drafting of laws, issued at different times, generally oversaw that the works on Codification were successful and uniform.

Until February 29 (March 12), 1816 the Commission for drafting laws consisted of six departments. The 1st Department drafted the Civil Code, the Charter of court ceremonies, was in charge of the arrangement of judicial civil seats; the 2nd Department drafted the Criminal Code, Establishment of judicial practices, the Charter of judicial police, was in charge of arrangement of criminal courts, the 3rd Department drafted the Commercial Law Code; the 4th  - various statutes relating to public law and public savings, as well as the Charter of the constituent police; the 5th - the Code of laws for the Baltic provinces, and the 6th Department formulated the Code of laws for the Little Russian and Polish (annexed) provinces in left-and right-bank Ukraine.

The departments were headed by the chiefs, who constituted the general conference chaired by the Director. The work plan for every department was drafted by its chief and then considered at the conference, and upon the director’s approval was carried into effect.

Fro, February 29 (March 12), 1816 еру Commission for drafting laws consisted of the Council (three members), to whom directly reported individual officials and commissions.

Directors of the Commission were M. M. Speransky (1 (13) January 1810 - 17 (29) March 1812) and Prince P. V. Lopukhin (17 (29) March 1812 - January 31 (February 12) 1826).

In 1826, the Commission for drafting laws was transformed into the 2nd Department of His Imperial Majesty's Office.

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From the Presidential library materials:

Комиссия по составлению законов // Поиск.