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Birthday anniversary of Savva T. Morozov, entrepreneur and Maecenas

15 February 1862

3 (15) February 1862, in the village of Zuevo, Bogorodsky uyezd, Moscow province, in the Old Believer merchant family, was born Savva T. Morozov, entrepreneur, and well- known philanthropist. He belonged to the old dynasty of Russian textile manufacturers.

Savva received a good education. In 1881 he graduated from high school; in 1887 – from the Moscow University. In 1885-1887 he studied chemistry at the Cambridge University. In Britain, S. Morozov learned abouth the organization of textile business at British factories.

Upon his return to Russia, Morozov became the technical director of the Board of the St. Nicholas manufacture, which was a private limited company. The main and major shareholder of the manufacture was Savva’s mother, Maria Fyodorovna.

S. Morozov modernized and restructured the enterprises. Factories were equipped with steam engines, the workshops had electricity, new machines were installed. Administrative staff was reduced. A lot of money was given to the improvement of social and working conditions of workers. For married couples Morozov built a three-storey stone hostel, converted the production to nine-hour working day.

For several years Morozov headed the Fairgrounds Committee in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1896 he was nominated by merchants for the greeting and presentation of bread and salt to Emperor Nicholas II at the All-Russian Industrial Exhibition. The businessman was given the rank of Advisor of manufactures. He was a member of the Moscow branch of the Council of Trade and Manufactures, and the Society for promoting the improvement and development of manufacturing industry.

In 1905, Morozov founded the largest chemical company, "S. T. Morozov, Krell and Ottman" specialized in the manufacture of dyes.

In the history, the name of Savva Morozov is inextricably linked to the charity and patronage. He helped both individuals and different institutions. He had provided invaluable support of the Moscow Art Theatre during its formation. Totally, Morozov granted to the Theatre in 1898-1903 almost half a million.

In early 20th century Morozov became known among the leaders of the liberal movement, half legal meetings of Cadets took place in his mansion. It is known that Morozov gave money for the publication of "Iskra." At his expense were established the first legal Bolshevik newspapers "Novaya Zhizn’" in St. Petersburg and "Bor’ba" in Moscow.

In February 1905, Maria Feodorovna Morozova discharged her son from the management of the factory.

In the spring, due to poor health state Savva T. Morozov and his wife went to Cannes, where he died 13 (26) May 1905. Later he was buried at the Rogozhskoe cemetery in Moscow.

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