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Anniversary of the St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics

13 September 1906

August 31 (September 13), 1906 under a Resolution of the Government of the Russian Empire, Private Accounting Courses of Mikhail Vladimirovich Pobedinsky acquired the status of higher educational institution - "Higher Commercial Courses of M. V. Pobedinsky." This date is the day of the establishment of the St. Petersburg State Engineering and Economics University (ENGECON) - the oldest and largest university in Russia in the field of engineering and economics.

The Charter of Accounting Courses was approved by the Minister of Finance Count Sergey Witte on October 27 (November 8), 1897. Despite the private nature, they were supervised by the Department of Trade and Manufactures of the Ministry of Finance. In April 1904 the courses were renamed to the "Private St. Petersburg Commercial Courses," and in 1906 were granted the status of higher educational institution.

The academic program of the courses corresponded to the one of higher commercial schools in Germany. The best teachers of the Polytechnic Institute, Imperial University and other higher educational institutions of the capital were invited to lecture: Ye. V. Tarle, A. A. Kornilov, V. N. Speransky, S. V. Mylnikov, the finance ministers of the Provisional Government, A. I. Shingarev and M. V. Bernatsky, etc.

In 1917, the Higher Commercial Courses were reorganized into the M. V. Pobedinsky Industrial and Commercial Institute, which, in 1919, was made a part of the F. Engels Institute of National Economy. In 1926 at the Leningrad Institute of National Economy (LINH) was created an independent industrial branch, which, in 1930, was transformed into the Institute of Industry and Labour.

August 21, 1930 the institute was renamed into the Leningrad Institute of Engineering and Economics (ENGECON). In 1992 it acquired the status of the Academy. July 19, 2000 the academy was transformed into the St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics.

To date, the University includes nine branches, 12 departments and 41 faculties, which enroll more than 27, 200 students. They are taught by about a thousand of professors, of whom 170 are doctors and professors, more than 500 - PhD and assistant professors, among them there are 14 distinguished scientists of the Russian Federation and more than 40 full members and corresponding members of national and international academies of science.

The holdings of the University’s library numbers over 750, 000 copies, of which over 660, 000 copies represent educational literature, more than 82, 000 copies are scientific publications.

St. Petersburg State University of Engineering and Economics develops international links with 76 universities from 27 countries worldwide and is a major research center, conducting fundamental and applied scientific research in 21 main areas of scientific effort.

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