Under the banner of Marxism.1938. No 8. August


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Under the banner of Marxism: a monthly philosophical and socio-economic journal.- G. 1- [23].Moscow, 1922-1944.-Editors: V. A. Ter-Vaganyan (1922-1923), Academician A. M. Deborin (1926-1930), Academician M. B. Mitin (1931-1944), Corresponding Member of the USSR Academy of Sciences M. T. Iovchuk (1944).Subheading: 1922-1932 No. 3/4 Monthly Philosophical and Socio-Economic Journal;1932 No. 5 / 6-1944 Philosophical and socio-economic journal.Publisher: 1922-1924 No. 3 "Materialist";1924 No. 4 / 5-6 / 7 "Red Nova";1924 No. 8 / 9-12 State Publishing House;1925-1932 The newspaper "Pravda";1933-1944 The Truth.Rozanov, Ya. Consolidated Index to the journal "Under the Banner of Marxism" for the first five-year period (1922-1926) (1927. - No. 1).- The magazine "Under the banner of Marxism", 1922-1944: decree.content/ B.V. Emelyanov, T.V. Shekunova.Ekaterinburg, 2011.The magazine Under the Banner of Marxism is a Soviet philosophical and socio-economic journal published in Moscow from January 1922 to June 1944.In 1922-1932, 1936-1944 he appeared monthly, in 1933-1935 - once every two months.The successor "Under the Banner of Marxism" is considered the journal "Questions of Philosophy" , published since 1947.1. The people (collection).2. Power (collection).3. Domestic serial and continuing publications (collection).4. Marxist philosophy - Periodicals.5. Russian Philosophy - Periodicals.6. Socio-political magazines - USSR.BBK 87.3 (2) 61-592я54BBK 87.3 (2) 5ya54Source of electronic copy: BOPLocation of the original: Russian State Pedagogical University named afterA. I. Herzen1938. No 8. August.- Publishing House of the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party of Bolsheviks (Pravda), Pravda, 1938. - [180] p .. -In the region: 8.Content: V.I.Lenin is the coryphaeus of science: Advanced.Stakhanov movement and the cultural and technical rise of the working class / Rina Rubin.On the role of sensory perceptions in cognition / L. Reznikov.Teachings of Jean-Jacques Rousseau on the equality of people / B. Bernadiner.Political and philosophical views of A.N.Radishchev / I. Betyaev, [et al.].- Bibliogr.in the text and substring.note.-40000 copies..1. The people (collection).2. A. N. Radishchev (collection).Source of electronic copy: BOPLocation of the original: Russian State Pedagogical University named afterA.I.Herzen
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