Winter Palace

The Winter Palace: [documentary and historical film] / written and directed by: Innocent Ivanov;author of the idea and the general producer: Sergey The initiative;director of photography: Maxim Konovalchuk;Mounting directors: Vladimir Vasiliev, Alexei Miller;composer Vladislav Panchenko;Lead: People's Artist of Russia Valery Kukhareshin;Producer: Eugene Deruzhinsky;Executive Producer: Alexander Zhivago;"SGP" studio.- Electronic data (video 1).-Sankt Petersburg: SGP, 2017. - (Walking in history: the centenary of the Russian Revolution, vol. 45).-Systems.Requirements: PC 1 GHz or higher;512 MB RAM or higher;OS Windows;Windows Media Player;video card; Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title screen.In the initial frames: SGP studio is Walking into history: the centenary of the Russian revolution.The project was implemented at the expense of St. Petersburg grant.Duration: 26 min 38 s, color, sound...Multimedia electronic edition.In the documentary in the context of the revolutionary events of 1917, describes the Winter Palace: the life of Nicholas II and his family in the imperial residence, the history of the palace during World wons, the work of the Provisional Government of the storming of the Winter Palace during the October Revolution.I. Ivanov, Innocent V. (1972-).II.The initiative, Sergey.III.Konovalchuk Maxim.IV.Vasilyev, Vladimir.V. Miller, Alex.VI.Panchenko, Vladislav V. (1957-).VII.Kukhareshin, Valery (People's Artist of the Russian Federation; 1957-).VIII.Deruzhinsky, Eugene (1986-).IX.Zhivago, Alexander.X. The "SGP", Limited Liability Company (St. Petersburg) .1.Nicholas II (Emperor of Russia; 1868 - 1918) - Multimedia publishing.2. Winter Palace (St. Petersburg City) - History - Multimedia publishing.3. The people (set).4. Power (collection).5. Russia in the people of (the collection).6. 1917: February - October (collection).7. Hermitage (collection).8. February bourgeois-democratic revolution - Petrograd, the city - 1917 - Multimedia publishing.9. The Great October Socialist Revolution - Petrograd, the city - 1917 - Multimedia publishing.10. Historical documentaries.BBK 63.3 (2) 535ya04BBK 63.3 (2) 611ya04electronic copy Source: OOO "SGP"The storage location of the original: OOO "SGP"
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