To the 100th anniversary of the Brest Peace

Rukavishnikova, Alina Evgenievna
On the 100th anniversary of the Brest Peace: informational and methodical webinar for the centers of remote access to the resources of the Presidential Library / [speakers: Alina E. Rukavishnikova, specialist of the Presidential Library User Service Department, Ilya Ratkovsky, candidate of historical sciences; curator of the project: Maria Bystrova, deputy head of the User Services Department]; Presidential Library, [User Service Department] - Electronic Data (1 video file) - St. Petersburg: Presidential Library, 2018 -
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February 20, 2018 of the year, the Presidential Library’s User Services Department held a thematic webinar, "To the 100th anniversary of the Brest Peace" , timed to coincide with the anniversary of the signing of a separate treaty that ended Soviet Russia’s participation in the First World War (1914–1918). And S Ratkovsky analyzed in his speech Results of the signing of the Brest Peace Treaty, especially emphasizing the scientific importance of materials from the library’s collection on this topic. A review of sources on the Brest Peace in the Presidential Library’s collection prepared by A.E. Rukavishnikova includes unique archival files, telegrams of military and political leaders, transcripts of peace conference sessions, and books and brochures reflecting different points of view on the course, meaning and results of the four military years. Additionally, recommendations are presented on how to find materials in the electronic reading room Prezi entskoy library
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