Notice of the death of Itkin Arya Khaimovich


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Notice of the death of Itkin Arya Khaimovich: [copy] / USSR, NPO, Kuibyshevsky district military commissariat of the city of Leningrad.- Leningrad, September 30, 1947. -1 sheet, paper.-Access mode: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.In the upper right corner there is an inscription: "Copy from copy".A copy of the death notice is presented on a piece of paper, the text is printed on a typewriter.At the end of the text is the official seal, handwritten in blue ink, the date and signature of the notary who certified the document: September 30, 1947. State notary of the first Leningrad State Notary Office ... (inaudible), document registration number: No. 113093. A copy is taken from the copy of the notice aboutthe death of Itkin Arya Khaimovich, certified on October 14, 1943 by the State Notary of the First Leningrad Notary Office M. Lebedev, registry number: No. 27944.Electronic version (2 files, JPEG: 4.6 MB).Copying by users is not permitted.The notice of the death of Itkin Arya Khaimovich was compiled by the Kuibyshevsky district military commissar of the city of Leningrad.From the text of the document: "... senior tech. Lieutenant Itkin Arya Khaimovich in the battle for the Socialist Motherland, loyal to the military oath, showing heroism and courage, died 16/2-1943. He was buried according to the list of GUFUVKO pr. No. 0272 post. 1943. ".- Itkin Arya Khaimovich (1905-1943) during the Great Patriotic War served as a senior lieutenant technician in the 168th Infantry Division on the Leningrad Front.He died on February 16, 1943.I. Itkin, Arya Khaimovich (1905-1943).II.Leningrad.Kuibyshevsky district military commissariat. 1.Itkin, Arya Khaimovich (1905-1943) - Documents and materials.2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection).3. The people (collection).4. Russia in persons (collection).5. The Great Patriotic War - Human losses - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials.BBK 63.3 (2) 622-8y1Source of electronic copy: BOPOriginal storage: From a private collection
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