Collections of the Presidential Library."Electronic Archive" series.Vol.4. The era of great reforms: history and documentary her...


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Presidential Library (St. Petersburg).Collections Presidential Library / Presidential Library.- Petersburg FGBU "Presidential Library", 2011-.-.1. Presidential Library (St. Petersburg City) - Collections.2. Digital Libraries - the Russian Federation.3. Russia - History - Puzzle.BBK 78.36ya43BBK 78.34 (2) ya43BBK 63.3 (2) ya43electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: PBVol.4: The era of great reforms: history and documentary heritage = The epoch of great reforms: history and archival heritage: collection of scientific papers / [Scientific Editor: NV Dunaeva Dr. jurid.Sciences Presidential Library, SG Kashchenko Dr. East.Sciences, St. Petersburg State University].h 2 -. 2019. -242, [2], p.: Il .. - (Series "electronic archive" ="Digital Archive" Series).-The cover only specified particular issue title.Summary in English.Bibliography in the footnotes.The fourth edition of the series of scientific collections of the Presidential Library "Electronic Archive" is devoted to current research state transformation and society during the reign of Emperor Alexander II.Included in the release of two research papers affect important aspects of the history of Russia of the XIX century, introduced into scientific circulation new archival documents.The publication is intended for historians, teachers of historical disciplines, archivists and academic libraries, post-graduate students, students and anyone interested in the history of Russia.-25 copies.-ISBN 978-5-6042137-4-2.I. Dunaeva, Natalia (LL.D.).II.Kashchenko, Sergei G. (Doctor of Historical Sciences; 1949 -) 1..People (collection).2. Power (collection).3. Reforms - Russia - 1860 - 1870th years.- Collections.4. Russia - History - 2nd floor.19.- Collections.BBK 63.3 (2) 522ya43electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: PB
ISBN 978-5-6042137-4-2
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