The Constitution of the Russian Federation

Russian Federation.Constitution (1993).The Russian Constitution: adopted by popular vote December 12, 1993 with amendments approved in the nationwide vote July 1, 2020.- Moscow, 2020. -76 pages.-Electronic version (76 files, 300 dpi, JPEG, 59,1 MB).Published in: The official internet-portal of legal information ( from 07.04.2020, the (number 0001202007040001).Official portal of legal information. The Russian Federation.Constitution.1993 - Amendments and additions.2. Power (collection).3. Annals of the formation of the institute of presidential power in the Russian Federation (the collection).4. The Constitution - the Basic Law (the collection).BBK 67.400k121yu11BBK 67.400.612k121yu11BBK 67.400.621.12k121yu11electronic copy Source: Official web-portal of legal information
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