Constitution – Basic law

Constitution – Basic law

Since 1918 the Constitution has been the basic law of our country. Texts of constitutions of the Russian state in different historic epochs along with commentaries on these texts are represented by two sets , which show the development of constitutions in the Soviet time and at the modern stage.

  • The Constitution (basic law) of the RSFSR of 1918

    The collection which marks the centenary of the first Soviet Constitution features its 1918 and 1940 editions; the list of participants of the Commission set up to draft the Constitution; methodical materials and shorthand records of the Commission’s meetings; drafts of the Constitution; theoretical works of the Soviet government officials, scientific studies and educational publications which spotlight the main features of the Constitution, the history of its drafting and adoption; as well as picture postcards showing the members of the Commission.
  • The Constitution (basic law) of the USSR

    The section is made up of texts of the first Constitution of the RSFSR dating back to 1918, three Constitutions of the USSR (1924, 1936 and 1977) and their editions.
  • On Soviet Constitutions

    The section provides commentaries on the constitutions of the Soviet period and collected documents which describe their adoption.
  • Constitution of the Russian Federation

    The official edition of the Constitution of the Russian Federation dating back to 1993 is available in the section and legislative acts on the amendments to the Constitution.