On the 40th anniversary of breaking the siege of Leningrad

Frolov, Matthew L. (radiojournalist; 1914-1995).On the 40th anniversary of breaking the siege of Leningrad: [conversation with the front-line reconnaissance IP Baranov: running commentary] / correspondent Matthew Frolov;[Corresponding point "Beacon" in Leningrad].- [Leningrad], 18 January 1983. -1 audio file (7.1 MB).- (Archival records corresponding point "Beacon" in Leningrad / St Petersburg).-Access: Internet portal of the Presidential Library.Title based on listening to the recording.Duration: 12 min 5 sec.Radio journalist Matthew L. Frolov talks with Ivan Pavlovich Baranov, a civil engineer, a full knight of the Order of Glory, the scout and front-line member of the offensive troops of the Leningrad and Volkhov fronts to break the blockade of Leningrad in January 1943.Running commentary written during ceremonies held at the Leningrad Theater of Opera and Ballet named after SM Kirov January 18, 1983.- Digital copies of working materials broadcasts national radio journalist Matthew L. Frolova, the founder of an office of the All-Union Radio in besieged Leningrad, a member of the St. Petersburg Union of Journalists, a board member of the St. Petersburg Union of Journalists, the head of an office of the Central Television and All-Union Radio in Leningrad, were transferred to thepresidential library in 2017 within the "Leningrad journalism: the preservation of the centuries."I. Baranov, Ivan Pavlovich (1918-2008).II."Mayak" radio station (USSR).Correspondent point in Leningrade.1.People (collection).2. The memory of the Great Victory (collection).3. The Siege of Leningrad - 1941 - 1944 - Recordings.4. Broadcast - USSR.an electronic copy of the source: from private collectionThe storage location of the original: From the private collection
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