Smirnov Konstantin.The certificate of exemption from military duty

Smirnov Konstantin certificate of exemption from military duty - Moscow: Goznak, 1954 -8, in region, the paper -Access: Internet portal of the Presidential LibraryOn the cover: the USSR Ministry of Defense of the USSRThe materials presented Sister Smirnova electronic fund of the Presidential Library To The Insurance Antonina V.Electronic version (12 files, JPEG: 8,2 MB)users are not permitted to copyThe certificate of exemption from military duty AN number 050734 issued Dzerzhinsky RVC g Leningrad Smirnov Konstantin 1911 Born soldier inventories second category VSL number 116 is that it is examination of 24 December 1955 g Commission in Dzerzhinsk military enlistment office g Leningrad declared unfit for compulsory militaryduties with the exception of registration from the c I Article 10 schedules VM USSR orders disease number 130 1951 and withdrawn from military registration on third to book: photos and personal signature of the owner, the signature of the district military commissar, signature chief part and date: December 241955 The document is filled with purple ink, certified by the official seal in the book as: the level of re-examination, brief information on the service in the Soviet Army, Navy, border and internal troops of the Interior Ministry, reported to be involved in World war II and other wars, injuredand contusion during World war II, government LOADAda - Smirnov Konstantin (1911-1980) - a veteran of World War II July 5, 1941 g was mobilized to the front of Dzerzhinsky district military enlistment office g Leningrad enrolled in 1 tank regiment turret gunner fought at the Leningrad front 10 September 1941 g was seriously wounded in May1942 was discharged After the war he worked at the "Electric", in construction management № 26 For conscientious work to the Smirnov was awarded with letters, his picture was posted on the bulletin board of honorI Smirnov, Konstantin (1911-1980) II of the USSR Ministry oborony1 Smirnov, Konstantin (1911-1980) - Documents and materials 2 Memory of the Great Victory (collection) 3 people (collection) 4 in Russia persons (collection) 5 VeteransWorld war II - St. Petersburg, the city - 1941 - 1945 - Documents and materials 6 Military registration - Withdrawal - the Soviet Union - Documents and materials 7 Conscription - the Soviet Union - Documents and materialsLBC 633 (2) 631-8yu1BBK 68423 (2) J1electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: From the private collection
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