Pleshcheeva Review of the Russian Empire in the current novoustroennom Her condition

Pleshcheyev, Sergei Ivanovich (1752-1802).Pleshcheeva Review of the Russian Empire in present Her novoustroennom state: With the newly-indication to Russia from the Ottoman Porte, and by the Rzeczpospolita Polish regions.- Fourth Edition Opposite the first three revised and many dostopamyatnostmi multiplied.-During hail communication.Peter: Imp.type, 1793. -. [10] 184 [36] to [1] L..yl.;8 °.-On p. [3-6] dedicated.aut.Maria Feodorovna.When selling a portion ind., Except for the sheet with images arms and uniforms joined general map of Russian Empire.S.41-42, originally contained inaccurate information, were Perepech.The p.41 line 11 and further PRIN .: "... Now Russia contains 44 province or governorship ..." The it was: "... 41 ... province or governorship."Painting alphabetic (S. [1-36]).- Copy.Sokma def .: with no. [1-2] 3rd pag., 1 liter.yl .. - 1st ind.SPbGU def .: offline yl .;in the 2nd specimen.yl.painted.- Copy.TOUNB from the book.K.F.Ryleeva.- Copy.OONB def .: no mud .. - 1st ind.NSL SGU from b-ki I.A.Shlyapkina.- 2nd ind.St. Petersburg State University of b-ki Archaeologist.Inst.- Copy.OONB of b-ki prof.D.I.Fialkova.- Copy.IMPI from b-ki D.G.Burylina.- SK 5393 XVIII..Maria I. F. (cps .; 1759-1828).II.Violets, DI .. III.Ryleev, Kondraty Fedorovich (1795-1826).IV.Shlyapkin, Ilya A. (1858-1918).V. Burylin, Dmitry G. (1852-1924).VI.Imperial Printing House (St. Petersburg) .1.The area (collection).2. The House of Romanov (collection).3. Russia - Geography - 18 ..BBK 26.89 (2)electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: Herzen
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