Desjatni Ph.d. (1669-1696)

The Penza edge Desjatni (1669-1696)/edited by Alexandra Barsukova. -St. Petersburg: Archeographical Commission, 1897. -IV, [2] s., 472, 54 CTV. ; 27 cm. -
Index: STB. 1-54 at the end of the book.
I. barsukov, Alexander Platonovich (1839-1914). II. The Imperial archeographical Commission (St.-Petersburg). 1. People (collection). 2. the territory of the (collection). 3. the territory of Russia: Penza oblast (collection). 4. Archeographical Commission (collection). 5. Military people-Penza province-17.-documents and materials.
BBC 63.3 (2) 45-282.5 ju1
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Publisher Археографическая комиссия
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