The legend of the birth, the education and naming of the Tsar's throne of the tsar's presbyteral Majesty, the sovereign Peter th...

Krekshin, Pyotr Nikiforovich (1684-1763).
Legend of the birth, education and narecheniye on the All-Russian royal throne of His Imperial Majesty the Tsar Peter the First,: In the library of his Excellency Count Peter Sheremetev, / Published by the librarian Vasily Voroblevsky. - Moscow: Type. Ponomareva, 1787. - [6], 58 with. ; 8. -
Printed from the manuscript in which the narrative of the events was brought to May 15, 1682. In the same year (1787), according to another manuscript list, in which the "Legend" ends in 1683, this work was published by F.O. Tumansky in the "Collection of various notes and essays, serving to deliver complete information about the life and deeds of the Emperor Peter the Great" (Part 1, P.231-310, under the heading "On the conception and the birth of ... Peter Pervago .. . ").
1. Peter I (imp, 1672-1725).
Source of the electronic copy: RSL
Publisher Тип. Пономарева
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