• Peter I

    • Peter I (1672–1725)

      The collection, timed to coincide with the 350th anniversary since the birth of Peter the Great, features scientific and popular publications of XVIII-XX centuries, dedicated to the personality of the innovator and his reforms; documentary prose of XVIII-XIX centuries, including the compositions of the first biographers of Peter I, collections of anecdotes and legends about him; publications of XVIII century, selected by Peter I to be printed in the Civil Script; collections of documents, decrees, letters of Peter I and selected issues of the most important legislative acts of the Peter’s era; maps, plans, drafts and drawings from the “Collection of Peter I” of the Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences, journals and other archival materials; images of the monuments dedicated to the Emperor, as well as historic sites and items, related to him.

  • Elizabeth Petrovna

    • Empress Elizabeth Petrovna

      December 18 (29), 1709 in the village of Kolomenskoye, near Moscow, was born the last representative of the Russian branch of the Romanov family, the daughter of Peter I and Catherine I, Elizabeth. Born out of wedlock and being the youngest child in the family, she had almost no chance to take the Russian throne. However, the absence of direct male heirs, political intrigues of internal and external forces, the struggle for the throne between the representatives of the Romanov dynasty, which resulted in a series of palace coups, eventually enabled her to get the crown of her father. The collection of documents features Elizabeth and her age, which continued in Russia for more than 20 years.