Elementary textbook of Russian history

Efimenko, Alexander Y. (1848-1918).Elementary textbook of Russian history: sporadic Course: for secondary schools and higher primary schools / AY Efimenko, a professor of St. Petersburg Higher Courses for Women;edition of the Arkhangelsk province zemstvo.- Reproduced unchanged from the 6 th edition.-Arhangelsk: printing office of the Union of Cooperatives, 1920. -VIII, 160.: Schemes .. -It is distributed without the consent of the author and his successor on the basis of the Provisional Government of the Northern Region Decree of 23 May 1919 and resolution of the Governing Board of Education, in the amount of 5000 copies..I. Arkhangelsk provincial zemstvo.1.Educational publication on the history of (collection).2. The people (set).3. Power (collection).4. The territory of Russia (the collection).5. Ancient Russia - History - 9 - 13 centuries.- Educational edition.6. Russia - History - 14th - 19th centuries.- Educational edition.BBK 63.3 (2) 4ya7BBK 63.3 (2) 5ya7electronic copy Source: PBThe storage location of the original: Arkhangelsk BSS
Publisher типография Союза кооперативов
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